Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Plant and Product Listing for the Harvest Launceston Saturday November 7 and the Hobart Farm Gate Market Sunday November 8 2015

Back at the Harvest Launceston Market and at the Hobart Farm Gate Market. After this weekend we will have a break in production for a couple of weeks. We will keep our website updated with our plans.

$2 Plug Seedlings
Common Chives
Garlic Chives
Common Sage
Black Krim Tomatoes
Rouge de Marmande Tomatoes
San Marzano Tomatoes
Siberian Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Walter Tomatoes

$5 Pots
Sweet Basil
Lettuce Leaf Basil 
Anaheim Chilli
Sweet Basil

For more information on individual varieties please look at this post 
Black Cherry
Black Russian
Florida Basket
Golden Gourmet
Green Zebra
Grosse Lisse
Mary Italian
Mortgage Lifter
Napoli Paste
Oxheart Red
San Marzano
Scoresby Dwarf (also called KY1)
Sugarlump (also called Gardeners Delight)

COF 7 Litre bag (approx)
For more information on our soil improvers including ingredients, coverage and benefits check out the soil improvers page on our blog

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