Thursday, October 29, 2015

Updated List for our Eastland Stall which runs until Sunday November 1.

Our stall at Eastlands Shopping Centre is going really well. A reminder that we are on the lower level near Sanity Music. 

Below is an updated list. Some capsicums and chilli have grown a bit faster than we anticipated
Eggplants, chillies and capsicums off to Eastlands
and our available at Eastlands now. We have sold out of Tatura Dwarfs and Whippersnapper tomatoes. We have small amounts of Rouge de Marmande, Sweetie, Tommy Toe, Walter and Oxheart Yellow left.  

We won't be at the Farmgate Market or Harvest Launceston this weekend. It is likely that we won't be at either market for a few weekends. The production for Eastlands took most of the room in our back yard, we are selling better there than we thought and we have had some other issues. 

We will keep you posted but if you are in Hobart and you want to buy tomatoes from us I would get down to Eastlands this week. 

$5 Pots
Sweet Basil
Lettuce Leaf Basil
Capsicum - Yellow Corno di Toro
Sweet Basil

Chilli - AnaheimEggplant - Early Long Purple (very limited number of these)

For more information on individual varieties please look at this post 
Black Cherry
Black Russian
Cherry Roma
Florida Basket
Golden Gourmet
Golden Sunrise
Green Zebra
Grosse Lisse
Mary Italian
Mortgage Lifter
Napoli Paste
Oxheart Red
Oxheart Yellow 
San Marzano
Scoresby Dwarf (also called KY1)
Sugarlump (also called Gardeners Delight)
Tommy Toe

Due to this commitment we  are not producing or taking orders for COF or Lazy Gardners soil improver this week. 

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