About Me and my Buisness

Hi my name is Chris. I have been growing an increasing portion of my own vegetables now for 18 years.

I moved to Hobart 12 years ago from Brisbane with my wife and daughter. Hobart Kitchen Gardens means I can share my passion for food gardening with the rest of Hobart.

These seedlings are grown in my backyard using when available, seeds from The Lost Seed, Royston Petrie seeds Eden Seeds/Select Organics or Greenharvest. I prefer these seed companies because they carry a large range of certified organic seeds as well as chemical free and open pollinated varieties.

To give your seedlings the best start, I sow them into individual cells filled with home made organic seed raising mix. Germinated under controlled conditions seedlings are then toughened up by exposing them to wind stress and outside temperatures before bringing them to market.  Pest control is achieved by a mix of physical barriers, biological control and if needed natural home made sprays like garlic and chilli or tomato leaf.

Seedlings are ready for your purchase at the New Town Plaza (outside Coles) every Saturday from October to Early Summer.

Our backyard under full production December 2014

Our backyard when just starting out!