Seedling Info

Our plants have been used on Gardening Australia, are purchased by small scale vegetable sellers at the Farm Gate Market and schools and community gardens. Customers report higher success rates with our plants.
The view from my roof at home

Seedlings are sold as individual plugs for either 50c, $1 or $2.50 or $5 pots for more advanced seedlings. Plug seedlings are sold wrapped in old newspaper (provided by Scott from the Grand Chancellor hotel).

Plug seedling benefits include
  • Individual seedlings means you can stagger your harvest by successive small plantings
  • Plugs seedlings avoid transplant shock from torn roots
  • Buy one cabbage, not the eight that you are forced to when buying punnets
  • Less plastic waste. We re-use the trays our plants are grown in.
All seeds are grown using my home made organic seed raising mix and potting up mix.  Early on heat loving plants like tomatoes are watered twice daily with warmed fertigated water to ensure no checks on growth. As they are get more advanced they are hardened off by growing outside and experience Hobart weather prior to sale. 

Great plants start with great seeds.  When certified organic seed  is not available I use chemical free, open pollinated seeds. For more information on the specific varieties we grow please check the websites of our seed suppliers. There are links on our homepage

Making it real. Only protected from hail and birds.

No room left in the Greenhouse . Our pot tomatoes spend 8 weeks outdoors before sale. This means they don't slow down when you plant them.
Tomatoes as plug stock.