Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Plant and Product Listing for the Harvest Launceston Market on Saturday November 14 and the Hobart Farm Gate Market on Sunday November 15 2015

Looking forward to being at the Harvest Launceston and Hobart Farm Gate Market this weekend. Excited this week to have Jalapeño Chillies. Jalapeños are milder chilli. An early producer they are well suited to our shorter season. They are also highly productive and happy to grow in containers. All of this makes them a great choice of chilli to grow in Tasmania. 

Due to ill health we have had a break in our production of plants. After this weekend it is likely we won't be at these markets for about 3 weeks. It is difficult to tell as plants come through when they are ready and this, for us, depends on the weather. The best way to know where we are and what we have is to check out this website. You can even sign up to get emails updates on the top right hand side.

$2 Plug Seedlings
Common Chives
Garlic Chives
Common Sage

$5 Pots
Lettuce Leaf Basil
Sweet Basil
Anaheim Chillies
Jalapeño Chillies 
Golden Egg Eggplants
Ping Tung Long Eggplants

For more information on individual varieties please look at this post

Black Cherry
Black Russians
Cherry Roma
Florida Basket
Mortgage Lifter
Napoli Paste
Tommy Toe

COF 7 Litre bag (approx)
For more information on our soil improvers including ingredients, coverage and benefits check out the soil improvers page on our blog

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