Thursday, February 2, 2017

Saturday February 4 Stall at New Town Plaza

Last week with a full range of lettuce seedlings.

$5 Pots 
Sweet Basil Italian
Sweet Basil Lettuce Leaf
Wild (Creeping) Thyme

$3 Pots
Triple Curl Parsley

$2.50 Plug Seedlings
3 Curl Parsley
Common Sage
English Thyme

$1 Plug Seedlings
Perpetual Spinach
Rainbow Chard
Celery Tall Utah

50c Plug Seedlings
Florence Fennel
Great Lakes Iceberg Lettuce
Royal Oakleaf Looseleaf Lettuce
Green Salad Bowl Looseleaf Lettuce
Freckles Cos Lettuce
Parris Island Cos Lettuce

$25 Bags
Steve Solomon's COF (Complete Organic Fertiliser) For more information on this product click on the link

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