Thursday, February 9, 2017

Saturday February 11 Stall at New Town Plaza

Silverbeet and broccoli
Broccoli, cauliflower, kale and brussels sprouts are ready for our last stall for this season plus a great range of herbs and other greens. 

We take a break over winter. Its been really great being at New Town Plaza and we look forward to coming back in October. The easiest way to keep up with our stall location and plant lists is to subscribe to receive emails. You can do that on the homepage of our blog (top right). Each week we are selling we post a list of plants. We also post gardening tips. 
Brussels Sprouts, coriander and purple sicily cauliflower

$5 Pots 
Sweet Basil Italian
Sweet Basil Lettuce Leaf
Wild (Creeping) Thyme

$3 Pots
Italian Parsley
Triple Curl Parsley

$2.50 Plug Seedlings
3 Curl Parsley
Italian Parsley
Common Sage
English Thyme

$1 Plug Seedlings
Broccoli di Cicco
Brussel Sprouts
Cauliflower Purple Sicily
Cauliflower Early Snowball
Blue Dwarf Kale
Rainbow Chard
Celery Tall Utah
Silverbeet Fordhook Giant

50c Plug Seedlings
Florence Fennel
Great Lakes Iceberg Lettuce
Royal Oakleaf Looseleaf Lettuce
Green Mignonette Butterhead Lettuce 
Parris Island Cos Lettuce

$25 Bags
Steve Solomon's COF (Complete Organic Fertiliser) For more information on this product click on the link

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