Sunday, July 10, 2016

Goodbye Farm Gate Market. Hello New Town Plaza

We will no longer be selling through the Farm Gate Market. From Saturday October 8 you'll find us on Saturdays at New Town Plaza (outside of K Mart).
Stall at Eastland Shopping Centre last October

Our new location offers a number of benefits to our customers including
  • easier access for people with disabilities
  • easier parking
  • longer hours of trade (we'll be there 9am to 5pm)
  • sheltered site
  • all weekend to plant
We were at the first Farm Gate Market and have enjoyed being part of this great community ever since. We have made a lot of friends and had a goodt time. Thanks to Madi and her crew for creating an excellent opportunity for small businesses to sell their products.
Unfortunately for us the current Farm Gate Market site is very windy in spring. This wind is results in damage and loss of our plants or inability to sell and display stock. The uneven nature of the site is struggle for us to set up in too 
By moving to selling on a Saturday I also gain a day with my wife (who works full time) rather then spending my entire weekend prepping for market or selling. We look forward to seeing you soon at New Town Plaza.

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