Sunday, May 22, 2016

Back in Spring

I'll be back in early September with our spring vegetable seedlings. Our season will run until late January/early February at the Farm Gate Market in Hobart. 

Unfortunately we won't return to the Harvest Market in Launceston as the extra 16 hour day is too much for a one person business. The Harvest Market is a great community market and I will miss attending it and all the people there. 

I'm feeling much better thanks for your support. I have decided to gain balance in my life by keeping Hobart Kitchen Gardens running over spring and early summer. During the rest of the year I am using my truck to generate income by being a removalist with my other business Tardis Removals.  If you have stuff that needs moving in the Hobart area get in contact. 

I am still selling Steve Solomon's improved Complete Organic Fertiliser (COF). You can order now. Due to quality control issues with sheep manure (not a sentence I thought I would ever write), I won't be producing Lazy Gardeners Mix any more. Thanks for your support. Chris.

Working hard as Tardis Removals

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