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Tomato Varieties Spring 2019

Seed packets for 2019
This is the full list of tomato varieties for 2019. 

Bush Varieties

Bush tomatoes (also known as determinate tomatoes) are smaller plants that generally do not require staking or other support. Most varieties can be grown in a container. They tend to produce heavily over a shorter timeframe making them a good choice for cooking. Many varieties, such as Tiny Tims,  take less time to fruit and so are well suited to short growing seasons. You can also plant these tomatoes successively to ensure high yields and a continuous supply.

Burwood Prize 

Fruit: Scarlet, red slightly flattened fruit 5 to 7cm across. Nice flavour.
Growth Habit: . Bush to 75cm high, has a potato leaf and is quick to mature. Prolific producer.
Uses:  Sandwiches, cooking and salads. 
Other: Australian Heirloom introduced in 1900. Developed by the Victorian Department of Agriculture. Well suited to Australian conditions.

Fruit from Florida Basket tomato

Florida Basket

Fruit: Red plum shaped sweet cherry tomato. Heavy producers.
Growth Habit: Short and spreading. Florida Baskets were developed for use in hanging baskets and containers. They grow to about 20cm tall but will spread out and grow down the sides of containers. 50-70 days to fruit from transplant. Very hardy and disease resistent. 
Uses:  Great for limited spaces. Good snacking tomato and good for pizzas and salads

Mary Italian

Fruit: Red Beefsteak to 10cm across with excellent flavour.
Growth Habit: Bush. Early variety. 40-50 days to fruiting from transplant.
Uses: Versatile. Snacking, sauces and salads
Other: American Heirloom possibly of Italian descent

Napoli Paste

Fruit: Deep red, pear shaped fruit slightly larger than a big cherry tomato with an excellent, tangy acid flavour
Growth Habit: High yielding
Uses:  Italian paste variety. Good for sauces, paste, canning, freezing and cooking.


Fruit: Red oblong fleshy fruit with slightly thicker skin and fewer seeds that other tomatoes. These tomatoes also tend to be heavy for their size
Growth Habit: Bush to about 1m high. Likely to require some support in part due to the weight of the fruit. 80 days to maturity. Prolific grower with no disease problems.
Uses: Ideal for making sauces and canning. They produce large volumes of fruit in a short period. Tasty eating tomato.
Other: Easy to grow and more disease resistant than most tomatoes. Very productive.

Tiny Tim

Fruit: Small, sweet, red round fruit 2-3cm across.
Growth Habit: Bush to 50cm high. Ornamental and high yielding. Reliable and easy to grow.
Uses: Great for containers or small areas. Fruit good for snacking and salads

Climbing Tomatoes

Climbing or indeterminate tomatoes produce over a longer period than bush tomatoes. They grow as large vines rather than a bush and require support to grow. These tomatoes are big plants and need more room.
Climbing tomaotes are ideally grown on supports. This means they are less prone to soil and fungal diseases, makes then easier to harvest and they take up less room.

Black Cherry

Fruit: Dark mahogany coloured grape sized fruit. Sweet and juicy flesh with a slightly smokey flavour. 
Growth Habit: Vigorous, high-yielding vine growing to 3m. Tomatoes produced in trusses. Beware these can grow into extremely large plants(when combined with my soil mixes).
Uses: Salads and snacking
Other: Russian heirloom. Will generally produce over a long time and resists cold better than most tomatoes.

Black Krim

Fruit: Large (to 9cm across), red/purple coloured fruit with green shoulders. Juicy green tinted flesh with a slight saltiness. An outstanding, full flavoured tomato. This is a variety that we have personally had a lot of success and enjoy.
Growth Habit: To 150cm. Very hardy variety that tolerates cold  and producers over a long period. 60 to 90 days from transplant to fruit. Yields well and early.
Uses: Salads, sandwiches and cooking.
Other: Heirloom variety from the Russian island of Krim in the Black Sea.

Black Russian

Fruit: Round, reddish-black coloured with dark purple stripes, medium sized fruit 4-6cm across with smooth thin skin and dark flesh. Beefsteak type with excellent flavour - reputed to be one of the best tasting black tomatoes.
Growth HabitCompact plant - semi climbing. Thrives under cool growing conditions, but does well in all areas. Highly disease resistant. Fast producer only 69 to 100 days to harvest
Uses:  Excellent for eating fresh in salads or cooked
Other: Russian Heirloom

Gardeners Delight

Fruit: Red, cherries with a great flavour. Very sweet tomatoes.
Growth Habit: Reliable and prolific tomato plant. Vine grows to around 2m. 55 to 68 days from transplant to harvest.
Uses: Snacking and salads.
Other:Also known as Sugar Lump.

Green Zebra

Fruit: 5-7cm accross. Yellow green with dark green stripes. Creamy texture and mild flavour. Stripes turn yellow when ripe.
Growth Habit: High yields and early producer.
Uses: Snacking and salads.
Other: Created in 1983 by Robert Wagner who combined the Evergreen tomato with other varieties that resisted cracking.

Grosse Lisse

Fruit: Larege globe-shaped smooth fruit that are deep read in colour. Great flavour..
Growth Habit: Producers over a long period
Uses: Tall plant to 2m. Requires staking and side shoots should be pruned
Other: One of the most popular backyard tomatoes in Australia


Fruit: Scarlet red, round fruit with thin skin. Fruit  to 115g with great flavour.
Growth Habit: Vigorous plant with high yields (hence the name!).Sets well in all types of weather. Easy to grow with only 70 to 85 from transplant to fruit. Robust and copes with humidity.
Uses: Eating. Sandwiches and salads.
Other: English heirloom dating to earlier than the 1920s. Peter Cundall's pick for shape and flavour.

Mortgage  Lifter

Fruit: Large fruit to 12cm across and 1.5 kg. Very good flavour. Beefsteak type tomato
Growth Habit: Prolific producer
Uses: Good for slicing and cooking.
Other: Developed during the depression by "Radiator Charlie" who paid off his mortgage with these tomatoes

Oxheart Yellow

Fruit: Yellow/orange, solid, heart shaped fruit with thick flesh. Excellent flavour. Sweet.
Growth Habit: Good variety for cooler areas; but does well in all areas. 80-90 days. Vigorous and very productive
Uses: Great in salads. 

Rouge de Marmande

Fruit: Large flat, ribbed fruit with excellent flavour.
Growth Habit: Vigorous bush - requires staking. Resistant to disease. 60-100 days. Sets fruit well in cooler climates. Spreading growth habit so give extra room.
Uses:  Pasta sauces and stuffing. 
Other: Heirloom dating back to early 1900's. Dates back to 1925. 

Snow White

Fruit: Yellow cherry that is almost white. Unlike most white tomatoes it has a real tomato taste. Ripens to a very pale yellow with slight orange tinge on maturity. Sweet and tasty.
Growth Habit: Large vigorous plant to 2m. Will spread so give plenty of room. Needs trellising
Uses:  Snacking and salads
Tomato seedlings ready for market. 

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