Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to Grow Basil

At the moment the question that I get asked most is "how do I grow basil?"

Here are a few key tips to help with your basil cultivation.

1. Plant in a warm, sunny spot. Basil needs at least 4 hours of sun a day preferably more. The smaller the leaf the more sun basil needs.
2. Fertilise your soil. Basil is a heavy feeder and the more you pick it the more fertiliser it needs. Plant your basil into a recently fertilised bed and provide it with liquid feeds during its life time. If the leaves are going brown fertilise the plant. If planting in a container make sure you add fertiliser to the potting mix.
3. Pick basil often and remove any flower spikes. The more you pick your basil plant the more bushy it will become and the more basil you will get.

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  1. Just wondering about planting basil outside. I have seedlings but I think it is too cold yet in Hobart. what do you think? Thanks

  2. If you have a warm sunny spot it should be OK. You may need to protect from frost though we are unlikely to get any at this stage. The soil is warm enough. Our basils are pretty tough and acclimatized to Hobart. We do grow them in a greenhouse but we don't artificially heat it. This means that they have been growing in temperatures that are only 1-2 degrees above outside.