Friday, December 21, 2012

Farm Gate Markets Bellerive and Hobart December 22 and 23

Second last week of tomatoes. Get that second round of tomatoes in to extend your season. 
Yummy Australian Yellow growing in our garden. This large looseleaf lettuce is heat tolerant and sweet and tasty.

1.50 each
Bush Tomato - Mary Italian

Bush Tomato - Roma
Climbing Tomato - Gardeners Delight
Cape Gooseberry
Basil - Lettuce Leaf
Common Chives
Galic Chives
Oregano - Greek
Parsley - Italian

Parsley - Triple Curl
Sage - Common
Thyme - English
Button Squash - Bennings Green Tint
Cucumber - Lebanese
Pumpkin - Small Sugar
Pumpkin - Waltham's Butternut
Zucchini - Black
Zucchini - Costata Romanesco

$1 each 
These plants attract beneficial insects to your garden.
Calendula - Edible Mix

50c each
Bush Beans - Dwarf Gourmet Delight
Butter Beans - Honey Key Gold 
Celery - Tall Utah
Florence Fennel
Broccoli - Purple Sprouting
Broccoli - Di Cicco
Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved
Kale - Lacinito (Black)
Purple Mizuna 
Butterhead Lettuce - Grandpa Admire's
Cos Lettuce - Freckles
Cos Lettuce - Parris Island Cos
Crisphead Lettuce - Iceberg
Looseleaf Lettuce - Australian Yellow
Looseleaf Lettuce - Green Oak
Looseleaf Lettuce - Lollo Rosso
Perpetual Spinach
Sliverbeet - Fordhook Giant

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