Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pumpkin Varieties for Sale this Season

For crop rotation purposes all pumpkins are members of the cucurbit family (Cucurbitaceae). This family includes zucchini, squash, melons, cucumbers and pumpkins. All members of this family are heat loving, heavy feeders.

Golden Nugget
  • Bush Variety. It grows like a zucchini rather than a vine.
  • Small flat round fruits with bright orange skin
  • Heavy producer
  • Great for small gardens
  • Easy to cut and best cooked with skin on
  • Stores well

Sugar Pie
  • Small round fruit.
  • Perfect pie making pumpkin
  • Fruit has thin skin and very sweet flesh.
  • Vines hardy and take 90 to 100 days to mature

Waltham Butternut
  • Most popular variety of butternut pumpkin or squash
  • Fruit grow to 30cm with light brown thin skin and weigh between 1kg to 1.5kg.
  • Bright orange flesh
  • Stores well
  • Heirloom variety originating in Boston in the 1930s.

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