Saturday, November 13, 2010

Information on Tomato Varieties for Sale on November 14

Here is some information on the tomato varieties that we have for sale at the Tas Farmgate Market tomorrow (November 14). 

Black Russian (Climber)
  • Commonly thought to be the best tasting black tomatoes 
  • Fruit 4-6cm across and is purple in colour
  • Compact plant – semi climber
  • Likes cool growing conditions
  • Russian Heirloom
  • Early producer
  • Disease resistant
 Black Cherry (Climber)
  • Sweet juicy flesh with rich smoky flavour
  • Dark mahogany coloured fruit about 3cm across
  • Heavy producer
  • Early (64 days)
  • Tall plants that need good support to grow on
 Gardeners Delight (Climber)
  • Small, very sweet fruit
  • Cherry toms produced in clusters of 6 to 12
  • Also called Sugar Lump
  • German Heirloom
  • Will produce until first frost
  • Crack resistant
  • Early (50 to 80 days)
  • Prolific
  • Large plant grows to 6 foot
  • Possible to use in hanging baskets
 Soldacki (Climber)
  • Pinkish read tomatoes up to 500g
  • Very sweet tomato with firm flesh
  • Low acid
  • Polish Heirloom produced around 1900
  • Potato leaf foliage
  • High Yields
 Burpees Quarter Century (Bush)
  • Red fruit 120-250g
  • Small upright bush
  • Good flavour
  • High yields
  • Known for resistance to garden pests

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