Thursday, November 16, 2017

Basil, Sage, Tomatoes, Cucumbers at our Stalls at New Town Plaza November 18 and the Farm Gate Market November 19

Benefit from Chris' mass planting.! We have expanded our special for the to all plants in pots. Any 3 advanced plants in paper pots for $10. Its a great deal

3 new varieties of tomato this week Scoresby Dwarf (KY1), Cherokee Purple and Sunray. 

Scoresby Dwarf (KY1) is a personal favourite of mine. A classic Australian heirloom, it grows medium delicious tasting tomatoes on a small bush. Its quick to fruit. We would have had these earlier but we had a dud batch of seeds.

Cherokee Purple comes recommended by a customer for the sweetness of its fruit, reliability and resistance to disease. I'm looking forward to trying this one out.

Sunray produces medium sized light yellow-orange fruit on a dense plant that grows to 1m. Its productive and hardy. We grew these last year and were too lazy to stake them. They did well and came early in a season where all the other tomatoes were late. 

$5 Plants in Paper Pots (or 3 for $10)
Cherry Roma Bush Tomato
Cherokee Purple Climbing Tomato
Grosse Lisse Climbing Tomato
Mary Italian Bush Tomato
Moneymaker Climbing Tomato
Mortgage Lifter Climbing Tomato
Rouge de Marmande Climbing Tomato
Scoresby Dwarf Bush Tomato (KY1) - Good for pots (largish ones!)
Sugarlump Climbing Cherry Tomato
Sunray Climbing Tomato (Golden Orange)
Tigerella Climbing Tomato

Tiny Tim Bush Tomato - good for pots.
Walter Bush Cherry Tomato
Yellow Pear Climbing Cherry Tomato

Common Sage
Italian Sweet Basi
Lettuce Leaf Sweet Basil - uglier but hardier than other types of sweet basil. 
Triple Curl Parsley

$2.50 Tomato Plug Seedlings
Black Cherry Climbing Tomato
Black Krim Climbing Tomato
Mary Italian Bush Tomato
Moneymaker Climbing Tomato
Tigerella Climbing Tomato
Tiny Tims Bush Tomato
Yellow Pear Climbing Cherry Tomato

$2.50 Herbs and other Fruiting Vegetables Plug Seedlings

Crystal Apple Cucumbers

Crystal Apple Cucumbers
Italian Sweet Basil
Italian Parsley
Waltham Butternut Pumpkin
Zucchini Black Beauty 

$1 Plug Seedlings
Perpetual Spinach 
Silverbeet Fordhook Giant

50c Plug Seedlings
Florence Fennel
Lollo Rosso Looseleaf Lettuce
Red Salad Bowl Looseleaf Lettuce
Green Salad Bowl Looseleaf Lettuce
Freckles Cos 
Parris Island Cos
Iceberg Lettuce

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