Thursday, January 19, 2017

Saturday January 21 Stall at New Town Plaza

8 types of lettuce this week including 4 looseleaf types, Freckles and Green Mignonette plus a good range of herbs. 
Oakleaf, Parris Island Cos amd red salad bowl lettuces

Freckles is a Cos (or Romaine) type lettuce. Cos are noted for their sweetness and crisp leaves
Freckles lettuce
and are commonly used in Caesar salads. They are heat tolerant and hardy and resistant to bolting (going to seed early). Freckles Cos is a heirloom variety with green leaves and attractive red splashes of colour. They can be picked progressively or allowed to form full head. They should have a head 30 days after transplant and be ready for progressive picking within a couple of weeks of transplant.

Green Mignonnette is a butterhead type (or boston/bib). Butterheads have small soft heads with buttery leaves. They are excellent in salad mixes. Green Mignonnette is a great home garden variety that is delicious to eat. It has soft deep green leaves. It should develop a full head within 30 days. You can harvest is progressively after a couple of weeks but I would recommend waiting for a full head.
Green mignonette lettuce

$10 Pots
English Thyme (2 only)

$5 Pots 
Sweet Basil 
Greek Oregano
Wild (Creeping) Thyme
Jalapeno Chilli 

$2.50 Plug Seedlings
3 Curl Parsley
Common Sage
Common Chives
English Thyme

$1 Plug Seedlings
Perpetual Spinach
Rainbow Chard

50c Plug Seedlings
Australian Yellow Looseleaf Lettuce
Great Lakes Iceberg Lettuce
Royal Oakleaf Looseleaf Lettuce
Green Salad Bowl Looseleaf Lettuce
Red Salad Bowl Looseleaf Lettuce
Green Mignonette Butterhead Lettuce
Freckles Cos Lettuce
Parris Island Cos Lettuce

$25 Bags
Steve Solomon's COF (Complete Organic Fertiliser) For more information on this product click on the link

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