Thursday, December 22, 2016

Saturday December 24 at New Town Plaza

New additions this week are Wild Thyme (a delicious creeping thyme) and Greek Oregano in pots plus celery and celeriac. Beautiful fragrant herbs make a lovely last minute Christmas gifts for the dedicated foodie or gardener. Across our pots and plugs we have a big range of herbs including sweet basils. parsleys, sage and thyme.  
Parsley, common thyme, celeriac and celery all at this week's stall.

$5 Pots 
Sweet Basil 
Sweet Basil Lettuce Leaf
Capsicum Chocolate Beauty
Capsicum Sweet Banana
Anaheim Chilli
Thai Hot Chilli
Jalapeno Chilli
Casper Eggplant
Rosa Bianca Eggplant
Greek Oregano
Wild (Creeping) Thyme

$3 Pots
Lemon Apple cucumber
Lebanese cucumber (Muncher variety)
Continental Cucumber
Gherkin Pickling cucumber
Jarahdale Pumpkin
Small sugar Pumpkin
Butternut Pumpkin
Hales Best Rockmelon
Crimson Sweet Watermelon
Costato Romanesco Zucchini

$2.50 Plug Seedlings 
Common sage and greek oregano
Common Sage
Italian Parsley
Triple curl Parsley
Greek Oregano
English Thyme

$1 Plug Seedlings 
Celery Tall Utah
Perpetual Spinach 
Rainbow Chard
Silverbeet Fordhook Giant

$1 Seed Packets
Blue Lake Climbing Bean (Green Bean)
Cherokee Wax Bush Bean (Butter or Yellow French Bean)
Idelight Bush Bean (Green French Bean)
Royal Burgundy (Purple French Bean)
Sweet Corn Legacy

50c Plug Seedlings
Florence Fennel
Australian Yellow Looseleaf Lettuce
Great Lakes Iceberg Lettuce
Green Oak Looseleaf Lettuce
Green Mignonette (Butterhead Lettuce)
Freckles Cos Lettuce
Parris Island Cos Lettuce
Red Salad Bowl Lettuce

$25 Bags
Steve Solomon's COF (Complete Organic Fertiliser) For more information on this product click on the link

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