Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tomato Varieties for 2015 Spring

We have been planting lots of varieties of tomatoes for this spring. 49 varieties in total.
They have experienced the cold. Plants that experience Tasmanian conditions from germination don't slow down when they get in the garden. All my tomatoes finish off growing  at least a week outside of my greenhouse (usually longer as I have run out of room in the greenhouse)

Frost outside and 0 degrees in the Greenhouse.

Arcadia, Beefsteak, Black Cherry, Black Krim, Black Russian, Brandywine, Break O’Day, Burwood Prize, Camp Joy, Cherry Roma, Florida Basket, Graf Zeppelin, Green Zebra, Golden Gourmet, Golden Roma, Golden Sunrise, Grosse Lisse, Grosse Lisse Yellow, Harbinger, Legend, Mary Italian, Moneymaker, Mortgage Lifter, Napoli Paste, Olomovic, Oxheart, Oxheart Red, Oxheart Yellow, Pearly Pink Cherry, Prosperity, Red Colossus, Roma, Romano Burghanese, Rouge de Marmande, San Marzano, Scoresby Dwarf (KY1), Siberian, Sugarlump, Sunray (Golden Orange), Sweetie, Swift, Tatura Dwarf, Thai Pink Cherry, Tigerella, Tiny Tim, Tommy Toe, Walter, Whippersnapper, Yellow Roma 
up close and out of focus
We will be back with lettuces and greens at the end of September, then 2 weeks later with Tomatoes and other summer crops.

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