Saturday, May 2, 2015

Farm Gate Market May 3 2015

Common Rocket and Blue Dwarf Kale for tomorrow's market.

Miners Lettuce
Tomorrow's Farm Gate Market is probably our last market until spring depending on our stock levels. It is certainly the last one with big variety of plants. We have English Spinach, Kales (Blue Dwarf, Red Russian, Tree and Pink Sprouting), common rocket, mizuna, miners lettuce, corn salad, chinese celery, red dutch cabbage, collard greens, lettuce (buttercrunch, freckles, grandpa admire's, red oak, great lakes iceberg, parris island cos and cos verdi), garlic and common chives, coriander, cauliflower (green macerata, violet Sicilian, self blanche and early snowball), mustard lime streaks, oregano and english thyme.  We also have bags of Lazy Gardeners soil improver. 
See you tomorrow. 

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