Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Home Delivery and Market Pick Up Orders January 6 2015

A new addition this week is Crimson Sweet Watermelon.  We only have 1 tray so get in quick.  For the doubters on growing melons in Tassie please check out this blog post. Melons have the same needs as cucumbers. If you can grow cucumbers at your house you can grow watermelons.

Our last tomatoes for the season are this week. We have 2 new varieties that we are trialing. The climbing cherry Tommy Toe tomato that is known for its great flavour and the bush tomato Walter tomato that is very productive and tastes good too. 

To order your purchase needs to be over $20. You can order for a pick up at Harvest Launceston on Saturday or the Hobart Farm Gate Market  on Sunday. If you are in the Hobart area, you can have it delivered to your home on Thursday afternoon. Please note we charge a $5 fee for home deliveries. Home deliveries must be received via email by 11am Thursday and orders for pick up at the markets via email by 9am Friday. For more information including how to how to order, payment methods and deadlines please read the page http://hobartkitchengardens.blogspot.com.au/p/how-to-order.html

While what we bring to the Harvest and Farm Gate markets are similar to this list it is not the same. We may sell out of a product through orders and sometimes plants are ready faster than we anticipated. 

50 Cent Items
Cherokee Wax Bush Bean (Butter Bean)
Idelight Bush Bean
Blue Lake Climbing Bean
Sweet Corn
Florence Fennel
Freckles Cos Lettuce
Parris Island Cos Lettuce
Great Lakes Iceberg Lettue
Australia Yellow Looseleaf Lettuce
Green Oak Looseleaf Lettuce
Red Oak Looseleaf Lettuce

$1 Items
Broccoli Di Cicco
Sugarloaf Cabbage
Cauliflower Self Blanche
Celery Tall Utah
Blue Dwarf Curled Kale
Tuscan Kale 
Perpetual Spinach

$2 Items
Sweet Basil
Common Chives
Garlic Chives
Italian Parsley
Common Sage
English Thyme

Crystal Apple Cucumber
Lebanese Cucumber
Marketmore Cucumber
Patterson Panach Juane et Verte Button Squash
Walter Bush Tomato
Tommy Toe Climbing Tomato
Crimson Sweet Watermelon
Black Beauty Zucchini

$10 Items
Hobart Kitchen Gardens Gift Cards

$20 Items
For more information on our soil improvement mixes please check out our page
COF (6kg bag)
COF+ (20kg bag)

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