Monday, April 14, 2014

Sorell Market Monday April 21

If you missed us on the weekend we will be at the Sorell Market on Easter Monday with a small selection of plants along with some second hand goods!. This is our last market until very late winter/ early spring.

Just a reminder that there is no Farm Gate Market this Easter Long weekend.

50 Cents Each
Cabbage - Red Dutch
Cauliflower - Early Snowball
Chicory Witlof
Kale - Black (Tuscan/Lacinto)
Kale - Blue Dwarf Curled
Crisphead/Iceberg Lettuce - Iceberg
English Spinach
Perpetual Spinach
Silverbeet - Fordhook Giant
Slverbeet - Rainbow Chard

Wild Rocket 

$1.50 Each
Chives - Common
Coriander - Cilantro
Parsley - Italian
Oregano - Greek

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