Friday, March 28, 2014

Bellerive Farm Gate Market Saturday March 29 and Hobart Farm Gate Market Sunday March 30

Tomorrow is the last Bellerive Market. We would like to thank all our Bellerive customers for their support. We hope to see you at the Hobart Farm Gate Market on Sundays.

50 Cents Each
Broccoli - Di Cicco
Broccoli Raab
Broccoli - Purple Sprouting
Cabbage - Red Dutch
Cauliflower - Early Snowball
Kale - Black (Tuscan/Lacinto)
Kale - Pink Sprouting
Butterhead Lettuce - Buttercrunch
English Spinach
Perpetual Spinach
Common Rocket
Silverbeet - Fordhook Giant
Silverbeet - Rainbow Chard

Wild Rocket

$1.50 Each
Chives - Common
Coriander - Cilantro
Parsley - Italian
Oregano - Greek
Thyme - English

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