Friday, January 10, 2014

Bellerive and Hobart Farm Gate Markets Saturday January 11 and Sunday January 12

Black beauty zucchinis and black kale ready for sale
Some of our lettuce seedlings

50 Cents Each
Bush Beans - Gourmet Delight
Butter Beans - Cherokee Wax
Bush Beans - Royal Burgundy
Climbing Beans - Blue Lake
Broccoli - di Cicco
Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved
Cabbage - Sugarloaf
Cauliflower - Early Snowball
Cauliflower - Violet Sicilian
Celery - Tall Utah 
Endive - Ruffec Green Curled
Florence Fennel
Kale - Black (Tuscan/Lacinto)
Kale - Dwarf Blue Curled
Butterhead Lettuce - Buttercrunch
Cos Lettuce - Freckles
Cos Lettuce - Paris Island
Crisphead Lettuce - Iceberg
Looseleaf Lettuce - Australian Yellow
Looseleaf Lettuce - Green Oak
Looseleaf Lettuce - Red Salad Bowl
Perpetual Spinach
Silverbeet - Rainbow Chard (Bellerive only)
Silverbeet - Fordhook Giant
Stalls at the Bellerive and Hobart Farm Gate Markets

$1.50 Each
Sweet Basil - Lettuce Leaf
Chives - Garlic
Parsley - Italian
Sage - Common
Button Squash - Patterson Panache Juane et Verte
Cape Gooseberry
Cucumber - Marketmore
Cucumber Suyo Long
Pumpkin - Jarradale Grey
Zucchini - Black Beauty
Zucchini - Grey

$20 per Bag
C.O.F.+ approx 20kg bag

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