Friday, December 20, 2013

Bellerive and Hobart Farmgate Markets December 21 and December 22 2013

Some special treats for you this weekend. The Spanish heirloom Ein Dor Honeydew has a delicious rock melon flavour with hints of banana and watermelon. Spaghetti Squash is a unusual winter squash that looks like spaghetti when scooped out after cooking and it is yummy
It is also the last week for tomatoes.  
Cooked spaghetti Squash being scooped out for eating

50 Cents Each
Bush Beans - Gourmet Delight
Butter Beans - Cherokee Wax
Bush Beans - Royal Burgundy
Climbing Beans - Blue Lake
Broccoli - di Cicco
Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved
Cauliflower - Early Snowball
Celery Tall Utah
Endive - Ruffec Green Curled
Florence Fennel
Kale - Black
Butterhead Lettuce - Buttercrunch
Cos Lettuce - Freckles
Cos Lettuce - Paris Island
Crisphead Lettuce - Iceberg
Looseleaf Lettuce - Australian Yellow
Looseleaf Lettuce - Green Oak
Looseleaf Lettuce - Red Salad Bowl
Perpetual Spinach
Silverbeet - Rainbow Chard
$1 Each
Wild Rocket

$1.50 Each
Sweet Basil - Lettuce Leaf
Chives - Common
Chives - Garlic
Oregano - Greek
Parsley - Italian
Parsley - Triple Curl
Sage - Common
Thyme - English
Bush Tomato - Napoli Paste
Climbing Tomato - Black Krim
Climbing Tomato - Moneymaker
Climbing Tomato - Oxheart Yellow
Climbing Tomato - Rouge de Marmande
Cucumber Suyo Long
Cucumber - Muncher Burpless (Lebanese style) 
Button Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Honeydew Melon - Ein Dor
Pumpkin - Jarradale Grey
Pumpkin Queensland Blue
Pumpkin - Burgess Buttercup
Zucchini - Black Beauty

$20 per Bag
C.O.F. 6kg bags

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