Thursday, November 1, 2012

Farmgate Market November 4 and the Living Well in Clarence Expo November 3

This week we will be at the Living Well in Clarence Expo on Saturday as well as the Farmgate Market on Sunday. 

$1.50 each
Bush Tomato - Roma (1 tray only)
Bush Tomato - Swift 
Bush Tomato - Tiny Tim
Climbing Tomato - Black Krim 
Climbing Tomato - Camp Joy
Climbing Tomato - Grosse Lisse
Climbing Tomato - Money Maker

Climbing Tomato - Pearly Pink Cherry
Common Chives
Coriander - Cilantro
Oregano - Greek
Parsley - Italian
Parsley - Triple Curl

Pumpkin - Winter Luxury
Rhubarb - Crimson 

Zucchini - Black
Zucchini - Costato Romanesco

50c each
Broccoli - Purple Sprouting
Cabbage - Sugar Baby
Cabbage - Red Dutch
Cauliflower - Self Blanche
Celery - Tall Utah

Florence Fennel
Kale - Lacinito (Black)

Butterhead Lettuce - Sucrine
Cos Lettuce - Freckles

Cos Lettuce - Parris Island Cos
Looseleaf Lettuce - Australian Yellow
Looseleaf Lettuce - Gloria
Looseleaf Lettuce - Green Coral
Looseleaf Lettuce - Green Oak
Looseleaf Lettuce - Lollo Rosso
Perpetual Spinach
Sliverbeet - Fordhook Giant
Wild Rocket

25c each
Sweet Corn

We also have Chris's Improved Organic Fertliser. His Organic Fertiliser costs $15 per bag. Deliveries are available for orders of 10 bags and over within the greater Hobart area. Please arrange at the market or via email.

You can also book for our Garden Classes. The next class is Saturday November 17 at 10am.

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