Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Garden March 2011

Just wanted to show you how my garden is looking this year especially my tomatoes.

In the background of this photo are our climbing tomatoes. The tomatoes are supported by 100mm x 100mm grid mesh from K&D. As they grow we have been feeding through the mesh. It has been able to support them even in strong winds. This year we planted Black Russians, Grosse Lisse, Soldacki, Camp Joy, Black Zebra and Snow White but quite late in the season. We have yet to harvest from these plants but they are all setting fruit well currently. In the foreground is my lettuce bed. You can see that the smaller seedlings are protected by wire baskets.

Unfortunately I have not been having massive success this year with my eggplants and capsicums.

Generally we have lots of lovely eggplants by this time in the season. Due to the cold our plants have been quite slow and have only got flowers quite recently. Eggplants won't survive frost. I think this cold summer and autumn means no eggplants.

My capsicums have grown really bizarrely. I have had 2 and may get a few more. Not a great year for solanaceae family plants.

 Luckily my bush tomatoes are a much happier story. Our bush tomato bed is full and we have already enjoyed a large harvest this season. The tomato hanging over the edge is a Burpee's Quatre Century. This bush has a number of tomatoes on it that we are looking forward to harvesting soon.
The real success story this year has been Waltham Tomatoes. The Waltham Tomato bush has taken up most of the bed and has produced large numbers of extremely large cherry tomatoes. We have had a good yield from our Tiny Tims as well.

Here is today's harvest which is made up of Walthams and Tiny Tims.

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