Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tomato Bush Varieties - Burwood Prize and Siberian

These are 2 great varieties of bush tomatoes. Both are fast growing and hardy. 

Burwood Prize (Bush)
The Burwood Prize tomato was developed in Australia around 1900. Historically it has been a popular addition to commercial farmers and home gardens. The bush grows to 75cm in height and has a potato like leaf shape. It is hardy and high yielding.  It comes to maturity around 70 to 80 days

The fruit is fleshy, scarlet red and slightly flattened and grow to be 5-7cm in diameter. The fruit is versatile and well suited to most purposes including cooking.

 Siberian (Bush)
Siberian tomatoes originated in the Atai Mountains at the Siberian Chinese border. It is well suited to short season produce fruit after as little as 40 days. It is know for its tolerance to cold weather reportedly setting fruit down to 3 degrees  C (38 degrees Fahrenheit). The bush is low growing with a tendency to spread out. It is heavy yielding and has excellent flavour.


  1. I've not had the luxury to see Burwood tomatoes growing wildly, but after reading this, I’m thinking maybe I should go and start a plot of these where I can in my backyard. Tehey'll probably grow better if Burwood tomatoes are actually grown in Burwood right?

    1. They grow really well in Hobart. You never know they might grow even better in Burwood!