Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kingsborough Community Garden

Kingston community garden is now well established with a huge amount of beds being hired at $1 per week.Communal beds and working bees happen on a regular basis for those who wish to learn in a group setting.  If gardening is not your thing they also have a workshop.

Community gardens are a great for people without big backyards or in rental properties. They are also a great way to share gardening tips, gain experience and meet people. Community gardens are all over Hobart. Contact you local council to find out where your closest garden is.

Like all community gardens, Kingston Community Garden's success depends on the involvement and passion of the local community. 
The garden  and shed contact numbers are  located in the picture above.The the location is indicated in the picture to the right.(just click on an image for a larger version)

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  1. Just strolled past this blog while pondering my summer veggie plantings. You should come past again, the garden is looking great even right now in winter!