Monday, November 4, 2019

Final Plant Sale November 9

After 10 years (on and off) this is our last plant sale. We are moving to smaller premises and wrapping up our business. Its been fun.

There will be some other items for sale too like pots and some tools. We are going to have a small garage sale at the same time :)

These plants are for sale from our front yard at 134 Albert Road Moonah from 8am on Saturday November 9 until 12.30 pm. We will not sell prior to 8am - early callers will be disappointed. 

Cash only! Bring your own bag or box!

You can read about our tomato plant varieties and eggplants on our blog. The initials next to the plant name are the abbreviations we use on our labels.

Tomato Plants in paper pots $5 per plant
Black Cherry (BC)
Cherry Roma (CR)
Gardeners Delight (GD)
Grosse Lisse (GL)
KY1 (Scoresby Dwarf) (KY1)
Roma (R)
Sugarlump (SL)
Tigerella (T)
Tiny Tim (TT)
Yellow Pear (YP)

Other Plants - $5 per paper pot
Sweet Italian Basil
Hungarian Yellow Wax Capsicum(HYW)
Jalapeno Chill (J)
Casper Eggplant (C)

$2.50 Plug Seedlings
Italian Parsley

$2 Paper Pots
Mystery tomatoes. They are big beautiful and look like great plants but we have no idea what they are (except they are not Tiny Tims or KY1s)

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