Monday, November 4, 2019

Final Plant Sale November 9

After 10 years (on and off) this is our last plant sale. We are moving to smaller premises and wrapping up our business. Its been fun.

There will be some other items for sale too like pots and some tools. We are going to have a small garage sale at the same time :)

These plants are for sale from our front yard at 134 Albert Road Moonah from 8am on Saturday November 9 until 12.30 pm. We will not sell prior to 8am - early callers will be disappointed. 

Cash only! Bring your own bag or box!

You can read about our tomato plant varieties and eggplants on our blog. The initials next to the plant name are the abbreviations we use on our labels.

Tomato Plants in paper pots $5 per plant
Black Cherry (BC)
Cherry Roma (CR)
Gardeners Delight (GD)
Grosse Lisse (GL)
KY1 (Scoresby Dwarf) (KY1)
Roma (R)
Sugarlump (SL)
Tigerella (T)
Tiny Tim (TT)
Yellow Pear (YP)

Other Plants - $5 per paper pot
Sweet Italian Basil
Hungarian Yellow Wax Capsicum(HYW)
Jalapeno Chill (J)
Casper Eggplant (C)

$2.50 Plug Seedlings
Italian Parsley

$2 Paper Pots
Mystery tomatoes. They are big beautiful and look like great plants but we have no idea what they are (except they are not Tiny Tims or KY1s)

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Plants for sale November 2

These plants are for sale from our front yard at 134 Albert Road Moonah from 8am on Saturday November 2 until 12.30 pm. We will not sell prior to 8am - early callers will be disappointed. 

We are right next to the school. The best place to park is in the childcare centre car park next to the roundabout.

Cash only! Bring your own bag or box!

You can read about our tomato plant varieties and eggplants on our blog.  

This is either our last or second last sale ever. As we will close the business after this as we are moving to a smaller property. Its been great serving you and we hope you have success with these plants. 

Tomato Plants in paper pots $5 per plant
Black Cherry (BC)
Black Russian (BR)
Cherry Roma (CR)
Gardeners Delight (GD)
Grosse Lisse (GL)
KY1 (Scoresby Dwarf) (KY1)
Mary Italian (MI) 
Mortgage Lifter (ML)
Roma (R)
Sugarlump (SL)
Tigerella (T)
Tiny Tim (TT)
Yellow Pear (YP)

Basil - $5 per paper pot
Lettuce Leaf Basil 
Sweet Italian Basil

Capsicums - $5 per pot
California Wonder (CS)
Hungarian Yellow Wax (HYW)

Chilies - $5 per pot
Cayenne (C)
Jalapeno (J)

Eggplants - $5 per paper pot
Casper (C)
Rosa Bianca (RB)

$2.50 Plug Seedlings
Common Chives
Garlic Chives
Italian Parsley
Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes 

$1 Plug Seedlings
Perpetual Spinach

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Eggplant Varieties 2019

This Saturday (November 2) we will have eggplants. You can find us at 134 Albert Road Moonah from 8am to 12.30pm.

Big surprise for me when I moved from Queensland to Hobart is how well eggplants grow in Hobart. I had more success here than we ever did in Brisbane. You don't need a greenhouse as these varieties will grow outside. 

Eggplants need the same growing conditions as tomatoes (though they do like heat just a bit more!). Unlike tomatoes if you have a greenhouse or very warm sunny spot indoors you may be able to get fruit from it over more than one season. 

The trick to getting fruit from eggplants is hand pollination. The flowers are tricky for bees and other pollinators to pollinate. 

Like most fruiting annuals keeping picking them. Once they set seeds they will stop producing.

Fresh eggplants are delicious and well worth growing. The plants are beautiful and look good in the garden.
We have 2 varieties this season chosen for their suitability for the cooler shorter Tasmanian season. However both our varieties produce smaller fruit rather than the really big fruit you see in the supermarket. These varieties produce a lot of fruit. We have grown both and had success with both.

  • the most successful variety we have grown. Personally each time we've grown it it has produced large amounts of eggplants. 
  • French heirloom
  • fruit up to 5 x15cm (though tastier when smaller)
  • quick producing
  • heavy producing 
  • very mild flavour. Not bitter.
  • European eggplants were originally white hence the name eggplant

Rosa Bianca

  • lavender and white pear shaped fruit 10-15 cm long
  • superbly flavoured creamy flesh
  • Italian heirloom
  • plant height 60-90cm 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Plants for Sale on Saturday October 26

These plants are for sale from our front yard at 134 Albert Road Moonah from 8am on Saturday October 24 until 3pm. We will not sell prior to 8am - early callers will be disappointed. 

We are right next to the school. The best place to park is in the childcare centre car park next to the roundabout.

Cash only!

You can read about our tomato plant varieties here

Tomato Plants in paper pots $3 per plant
Black Cherry (BC)
Black Russian (BR)
Cherry Roma (CR)
Gardeners Delight (GD)
Grosse Lisse (GL)
KY1 (Scoresby Dwarf) (KY1)
Mary Italian (MI) 
Mortgage Lifter (ML)
Roma (R)
Sugarlump (SL)
Tigerella (T)
Tiny Tim (TT)
Yellow Pear (YP)

Tomato plants and our basils

Basil - $5 per pot
Lettuce Leaf Basil (only around 20 plants)

$2.50 Plug Seedlings
Black Russian Tomatoes
Common Chives
Garlic Chives
Italian Parsley
Mary Italian Tomatoes

$1 Plug Seedlings
Perpetual Spinach

50 Cent Plug Seedlings
Iceberg Lettuce
Parris Island Cos

A reminder that if you pre-ordered and have not got your refund please email us at We are not able to refund during our sale day. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Critical information for people that Pre Ordered Plants

If you have pre-ordered plants from us and have not got a refund please check your emails or get in touch. We are not able to fulfil orders and will refund you in full. If you have heard from us and we have sorted you out thanks so much for your patience. 

If you turn up for your orders we will not be able to fulfil them. We won't be able to give you credit on the Saturday either.  Its too complex for us. So please, please please get in touch if you don't have a refund.  You can contact us on

Unfortunately growing plants to order in a specific time in an unheated greenhouse and outside just isn't that easy. The lettuces and most of the other plants grew to early and I had to give them away to a school. Some of our tomatoes got wiped out in the 130km gale winds. We've learnt from this! 

The plants that are ready and survived are tough and will be for sale this Saturday (October 26) from 8am at our house 134 Albert Road Moonah. Our house is next to Bowen Road Primary School.

We will post what we have for the sale in the next day or 2. 

In a couple of weeks we will have another yard sale for later tomatoes, capsicums, chillies and eggplants and basil. Watch this space for more information.

We appreciate your support and help.


Saturday, July 27, 2019

Pre-Orders for Tomatoes and Plug Seedlings

We are now sowing our tomato plants to sell in late October and early November.  To help us out and guarantee you that you get the varieties that you want please pre-order now. 

Seedlings coming up in the Greenhouse

We will put out a pre-order call for Basil, Capsicum, Chillis and Eggplants soon. The timing for these plants are different. 

What to do to get tomatoes and other plants. 

Send us  email us ( by August 4 that tells us

  • Whether you want home delivery (minimum order $30) or pick up (minimum order $20) from our house in Moonah.  

We deliver to all suburbs within the Hobart City Council Area and to Bellerive, Berriedale, Bonnet Hill, Chigwell, Claremont, Derwent Park, Dowsing Point, Geilston Bay, Glenorchy, Goodwood, Howden, Howrah, Huntingfield, Kingston, Lindisfarne, Lutana, Margate, Montagu Bay, Montrose, Moonah, Mornington, Risdon, Risdon Vale, Rose Bay, Rosetta, Rosny, Rosny Park, Taroona, Warrane or West Moonah.

If you have a very large order get in contact as we might deliver outside this area.

  • When you want to receive your order.
Choose your date for delivery

Friday October 25,
Friday November 1,
Friday November 8 or
Friday November 15


your date for pickup

Wednesday October 23
Thursday October 24
Wednesday October 30
Thursday October 31
Wednesday November 6
Thursday November 7
Wednesday November 13
Thursday November 14

Pick ups will be between 11am and 7pm.

  • Tell us want plants you want and how many of each. Full list below
Tomatoes are $5 per plant. They come in paper pots.

More information on tomato varieties can be found here
Black Cherry
Cherry Roma
Garden Delight
Sugar Lump
Tiny Tim
Yellow Pear
Black Russian
Grosse Lisse
KY1/Scoresby Dwarf
Mary Italian
Mortgage Lifter

$2.50 Plugs
Italian Parsley (Flat Leaf Parsley)
Garlic Chives
Common Chives

$1 Plugs
Perpetual Spinach (type of silver beet with milder flavor and thinner stems)

50c Plugs
Australian Yellow Looseleaf Lettuce
Green Oak Looseleaf Lettuce
Red Salad Bowl Looseleaf Lettuce
Parris Island Cos Lettuce
Freckles Cos Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce

  • Give us your contact information
Name, address (if getting delivery) and phone number.

  • Deposit money into our account with your ast name as a reference. We will only process orders once we have payment. 
Account details are  CB Chamley, BSB 484-799 Account Number: 202869152 

Once we have payment we will send you and email confirming your order. If for some reason we are unable to fulfill an order that you have paid for we will refund the part we have not been able to fulfill. 

In a couple of months you'll have your plants!

Plants not sold through ordering will be sold at garage sales. Dates announced closer to time. 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tomato Varieties 2019

In 2019 we have 13 great varieties to choose from. Our tomato plants are $5 each . 

You can purchase our plants at our garage sales at our house at 134 Albert Road Moonah. We have one on Saturday November 2 from 8am. 

Our tomatoes are grown in handmade paper pots. Its part of our commitment to reduce waste and tread lightly on the planet.   

Our tomatoes are grown outdoors for at least 6 weeks before sale. This hardens the plants up due to exposure to cold and winds. When you transplant them to your garden they should not slow down due to shock or die. 

The pots are compostable but should be removed from the plant before planting. If you plant the tomato with its pot on you will limit its growth.

Cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry (BC Label)

Fruit: Dark mahogany coloured grape sized fruit. Delicious Sweet and juicy flesh with a slightly smokey flavour. 
Growth Habit: Vigorous, high-yielding vine growing to 3m. Tomatoes produced in trusses. Beware these can grow into extremely large plants! Indeterminate. 
Uses: Salads and snacking

Other: Russian heirloom. Will generally produce over a long time and resists cold better than most tomatoes.

Cherry Roma (CR Label)

Fruit: Delicious oblong cherry tomatoes. Prolific producer of fruit
Growth Habit: Vine. Best with support. Indeterminate
Uses: Salads and snacking
Other: Heirloom variety.

Garden Delight (GD Label)

Fruit: Red, cherries with a great flavour. Very sweet tomatoes. Fruit grows on trusses
Growth Habit: Reliable and prolific tomato plant. Vine grows to around 2m. Harvest over long period. Indeterminate. 
Uses: Snacking and salads.
Other: Has won taste tests!

Sugar Lump (SL Label)

Fruit: Large deep red fruit up to 40cm across. Excellent flavour
Growth Habit: Determinate. Bush
Uses: Eaten fresh or preserved
Other: Heirloom from the 1860s

Tiny Tim (TT Label)

Fruit: Small, sweet, red round fruit 2-3cm across
Growth Habit: Dwarf Bush to 50cm high. Ornamental and high yielding. Determinate.
Uses: Great for pots and containers or small areas. Fruit lovely whole salads
Other: This variety dates back to 1945. 

Yellow Pear (YP Label)

Fruit: As name suggests plant produces yellow pear shaped fruit. Bite sized and tangy.
Growth Habit: Vigorous plant. Best staked. Heaving bearing with a long season. Indeterminate. 
Uses: Fresh or pickled

Medium to Large Fruited Tomatoes

Black Russian (BR Label)

Fruit: Round, reddish-black coloured with dark purple stripes, medium sized fruit 4-6cm across with smooth thin skin and dark flesh.Excellent flavour - reputed to be one of the best tasting black tomatoes.
Growth HabitCompact plant - semi climbing. Best staked. Indeterminate. Thrives under cool growing conditions, but does well in all areas. Highly disease resistant. Fast producer only 69 to 100 days to harvest
Uses:  Excellent for eating fresh in salads or cooked
Other: Russian Heirloom 

Grosse Lisse (GL Label)

Fruit: Large globe-shaped smooth fruit that are deep read in colour. Tasty
Growth Habit: Producers over a long period. Indeterminate. Needs support. Tall plant to 2m. 

Uses: Eaten fresh 
Other: One of the most popular backyard tomatoes in Australia.

KYI (Scoresby Dwarf) (KY1 Label)
KY1 Bush. 

Fruit: Red, round 5-8cm across. Good flavour
Growth Habit: Bush to 1m. Determinate. Reliable and disease resistant
Uses: Used to make sauces because of great flavour. Can be grown in large pots
Other: Victorian Heirloom

Mary Italian (MI Label)

Fruit: Red Beefsteak to 10cm across with excellent flavour.
Growth Habit: Early variety. 40-50 days to fruiting from transplant. Best with support. Indeterminate. 
Uses: Versatile. Snacking, sauces and salads
Other: American Heirloom possibly of Italian descent. One of our favourite tomatoes. 

Mortgage  Lifter (ML Label)

Fruit: Huge fruit to 12cm across and 1.5 kg. Very good flavour. Beefsteak type tomato
Growth Habit: Prolific producer of fruit. Will need support. Indeterminate. 
Uses: Good for slicing and cooking. Eating fresh
Other: Developed during the depression by "Radiator Charlie" who paid off his mortgage with these tomatoes. Considered one of the best flavoured varieties. Recommended by Peter Cundall.

Roma (R Label)
Large tomatoes are Romas. Small are Cherry Romas.

Fruit: Red oblong fleshy fruit with slightly thicker skin and fewer seeds that other tomatoes. These tomatoes also tend to be heavy for their size
Growth Habit: Determinate. Compact bush to about 1m high. Likely to require some support in part due to the weight of the fruit. 80 days to maturity. Prolific grower with no disease problems.
Uses: Roma tomatoes are ideal for making sauces and canning. They produce large volumes of fruit in a short period. 
Other: Easy to grow and more disease resistant than most tomatoes. Very productive.

Tigerrella  (T Label)

Fruit: Red fruit with yellow stripes. Exceptional flavour
Growth Habit: Indeterminate. Needs staking. Producing lots of fruit over a long period.
Uses: Salads and sandwiches. 
Other: Heirloom from England

Notes on Tomatoes
Tomatoes need full sun. Minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day preferably more. 

Most tomatoes need some kind of support. They do not climb like beans and need to be tied with soft material like stockings or jolly rope to trellis. Varieties can grow without support are Tiny Tims, KYIs, Roma and Sugar Lump. KY1, Roma and Sugar Lump may need support when fruiting. 

Indeterminate tomato varieties - will grow until frost kills them They will continue to bloom and set fruit. These tomatoes are large vines and will need support. 

Determinate tomato varieties - Grow to a set size and will then will bloom and set fruit. Their harvest is over a smaller period around 2 weeks to 1 month.These varieties are better for making sauce and cooking as they produce large volumes of fruit at the same time.Never prune determinate tomato varieties - you just reduce your yield. These varieties are smaller plants and can be grown in large containers. However all tomatoes do better planted in the garden.