Complete Organic Fertiliser (COF)

What's the point of growing vegetables if they aren't nutritious? Adding Complete Organic Fertiliser (COF) to your soil means you grow plants that don't just look good but are good for you. Compost alone isn't enough to make your vegetable nutritious especially if you use the same patch year after year.

COF  gives you nutrient dense food that tastes better, is better for you and grows with fewer problems by adding a variety of essential nutrients to the soil. It is perfect for those who have already taken care of soil conditioning  via large inputs of organic matter such as manures and compost. 

Developed by Steve Solomon, author of Growing Vegetables South of Australia and The Intelligent Gardener. We use Steve's updated his recipe outlined in the Intelligent Gardener". One 7 litre bag is enough for 10 square metres of vegetable garden for one crop cycle. At $25 per 7 litre bag this is money well spent.

What is in C.O.F. (Complete Organic Fertiliser)
Improved recipe as of June 2012 by Steve Solomon

4 litres canola seedmeal
1 litre soft rock phosphate
1 litre of kelpmeal  (seaweed)
1/2 litre agricultural limestone
½ litre agricultural gypsum
1/3 measuring cup potassium sulphate
1 tablespoon iron sulphate
1 ½ teaspoons zinc sulphate
1 ½ teaspoons manganese sulphate
½ teaspoon copper sulphate
½ gram boron

How to Buy COF 
You can pick up by prior arrangement from our house at 134 Albert Road Moonah. We can deliver bags to the Hobart area for $10 per delivery. 

Please arrange pick ups via email hobartkitchengardens@gmail.comPayment is cash on deliver or pick up or direct deposit bank account 
BSB 484 799   account no. 202 869 501.  


  1. Hi
    Can I still buy COF from you ?
    Cheers Roscoe

    1. Hi Roscoe
      I'm a bit sick at the moment but I'll have some made next Monday. Email to organise pick up or delivery.